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You’ve done the difficult work of landing a job and have made it through the search, application, interviewing, and onboarding processes. You might be exhausted after it all. However, your journey at the company is just beginning. As the firm’s most recent hire, your first impression will be paramount in determining your success and enjoyment in your new workplace. Don’t miss your chance – here are 5 surefire ways to impress at your new firm.

Show Your Work Ethic

The “put in your time” mantra remains present at many firms, especially in finance. Even if your new company prides itself on an inclusive and balanced culture, starting off your new employment opportunity with a strong work ethic will pay dividends for your perception and your success. People want to work alongside people they trust and respect, and in finance, technology, and HR, your coworkers will certainly respect hard work. For your first few months on the job, don’t be afraid to spend a few extra minutes familiarizing yourself with internal systems and reports at the end of the day, and make sure to be one of the first ones in the office. Your dedication will speak volumes about your commitment to the firm, and your coworkers will respect and appreciate it.

Add Value to Your Team

You may have heard the term “value-add” – it describes someone who adds more to a task or team than they take from it. Strive to add value to every team you are a part of by solving problems, anticipating the needs of those around you, and most importantly, making the lives of others easier. The small gesture of taking a call or handling a report that you didn’t necessarily have to will signal to your coworkers that you are a team player. Look for ways to streamline processes or eliminate unnecessary workflows – processes often get handed down for years before someone questions the purpose. Don’t be afraid to add value by shaking things up a bit.

Demonstrate a Willingness to Learn

The truth is that as the newest addition to the team, you have a lot to learn. Humbly accept that truth, and demonstrate a genuine desire to learn from those around you. Take the time to shadow your coworkers as they perform necessary tasks, and ask thoughtful questions. Even those that may be less senior than you in terms of total time in the workforce may have relevant insights about the clients or the culture; making an effort to learn from everybody you work with will reflect positively on you.

Prioritize the Firm’s Guiding Principles

How does your firm define its culture? What are the values it holds dear? Find out the answer to those questions, and exemplify them. If customer service is at the top of the list, demonstrate this by the way you interface with clients and address their needs. If collaboration is highly touted, focus on your teamwork skills. Dedication to the firm’s guiding principles is a sure sign to management that you take your role seriously and you have ambitions of succeeding at the company.

Go Beyond the Bare Minimum

Especially in your first few weeks on the job, avoid saying (or even thinking) “that’s not my job.” Even if a coworker is noticeably struggling, and offering help would take time out of your day, it may be worth it for the success of the team as a whole. Prove yourself through the way you approach the job – go above and beyond the call of duty. Without stretching yourself too thin and becoming the office crutch for mundane tasks, don’t be constrained by your job description. When you have a relevant skill that could make a project easier or a client satisfied, lend a hand.

Team Up with Headfarmer

Finding and succeeding in a new role can be a long and challenging process. If you need advice on navigating your next employment opportunity, the experienced staff at Headfarmer can help. We will get to know you and make a true investment in your personal and career goals. To learn more, please contact us at 480-214-9704 or email us at

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