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Believe it or not, Human Resources was not always a vital and established part of the corporate world. The burden of hiring, managing internal dynamics, and training largely rested on the shoulders of current employees who had other responsibilities as well. But as the landscape changed and more seats at the table were designed, HR emerged as an avenue that larger companies seemingly can’t do without.

Nowadays, HR professionals are a staple in the workplace, and are often the first point of contact for new or prospective hires. These professionals are often the ones who engage with difficult work issues, “getting their hands dirty” with the minutiae of daily happenings while also fostering strategic long-term thinking for the direction of the firm.

On the whole, the right HR professionals can improve life in the office as well as alleviate stress, better allowing other employees to effectively do their jobs. Here’s how.

They Solve Problems

One of the most important tools in the HR skill set is problem-solving ability. An HR professional must be willing and able to face incidents in the workplace head on, listen intently, and offer potential solutions. Human Resources is the department that is responsible for improving the human experience at your firm – from making the workplace more comfortable and safe, to ensuring quality of life for each employee.

To this end, HR teams are often put in charge of training, creating programs and modules that can educate the members of the firm about issues such as implicit bias and proper conduct. On the flip side, HR also organizes team bonding and social events to foster a positive culture at the firm. Both of these pursuits are key to maintaining a healthy place of work.

They Answer Questions

Human Resources is appropriately named – these teams are also responsible for serving as a trusted and valuable resource to other employees of the firm. When you have a staffing or training related question, or you need to report an incident, HR is the place to go. Without a strong HR team to establish the proper channels of communication, workers can be put into difficult situations with their superiors.

Human Resources is also usually the first department with which new hires will establish connections and personal relationships. In the beginning stages of any role, HR is key to answering any questions a new addition to the team may have, as well as clarifying the timeline and expectations to current applicants.

They Grow Your Team

Lastly, and most importantly, HR is generally in charge of important hiring activities. In most large firms, the HR team takes ownership of the entry level program, establishing recruiting pipelines at universities and enlisting current employees to serve as mentors to applicants and new hires. Human Resources also has an inside look at the leadership structure of the firm as well as compensation, and the high-level HR leaders can have a meaningful say in the future direction and makeup of other teams. When it comes to hiring matters, HR is indispensable.

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