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You just got a job offer, but something doesn’t feel right. Can you turn the job offer down? The answer is yes. Just like a prospective employer can tell you no, you can do the same.

The Offer Is Too Low

If the offer you get from a potential employer is too low, try to negotiate as best you can to get to the number you want. If the employer isn’t willing to meet you there, don’t feel bad turning down the offer. You know your value and it’s important you respect that. 

Gut Feeling

Sometimes you just have to trust yourself. Of course, a “gut feeling” isn’t exactly scientific data, but when you know, you know. If the interview felt off or you can tell that you might not get along with someone, that’s a good reason not to take a job. Maybe it’s a combination of the people and the exact job title that doesn’t quite fit. Whatever it is, trust your instinct. More times than not, it’s right.

You Have Another Offer

If you have another offer that seems like a better fit and matches or outperforms the offer financially, you have an easy decision to make. 

However, you could be in a position where you need to make a decision to take less money for a job that is a better fit for you. That will be something you’ll have to decide. Is the risk of taking less money worth potentially being happier? The answer is generally yes, but every candidate and their situation is different. 

No Room For Growth

Make sure the job you take fits your career path. If you have a goal to be a manager in two years but it’s not possible to capture that with this position, find one with that opportunity. Take a look at the company’s structure and see where your ceiling might be. Most importantly, though, be sure to ask the hiring manager what the growth looks like for your position. If they can’t give you a detailed plan about how you can ascend in the company, that’s a red flag.

Bad Company Culture

During the interview process, ask what the company’s culture is like. What values does the company have? It’s also a good idea to look online at company reviews. If you happen to know someone who works at the company, don’t be afraid to ask them what the culture is like and whether or not they like it. It’s important that you and the company have shared values.

Work/Life Balance Is Unstable

Working overtime, weekends or nights isn’t for everyone. If you value your work/life balance, but it’s clear that won’t be possible with the company, make sure you’re vocal about that during the interview process. There’s a chance you and the employer can work together on an agreement. If that’s not possible, you’ll be much better accepting a job that allows what you need in your personal life.

The Job Isn’t What You Expected

Job titles at different companies can mean different roles and responsibilities. During the interview process, it’s important for you to ask what exactly you’ll be doing if you get the job. If the answer you get is different from what you were expecting, it’s OK to move on and look for the right match. It will work out better for all parties involved.

Inconvenient Travel

If a job involves an unexpected amount of travel, that can be a red flag for a potential employee, especially one who values more of a work-life balance. Travel for work can oftentimes be lonely. Another factor with travel, especially today, is a person’s health. It’s very possible you don’t feel comfortable traveling due either you or a loved one having underlying medical conditions.

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  1. Excellent, to the point advice as I am beginning to receive interview invitations. Thank you for the prep!

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