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Social distancing plays a key role in slowing the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Here are 10 tips to stay healthy while social distancing.

10 Ways to Stay Physically & Mentally Healthy While Social Distancing

Social distancing has become a critical part of our efforts to combat the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But, social distancing has led some people to isolate themselves from family, friends, and others altogether. In some instances, people are ignoring social distancing entirely and putting themselves and others in danger.


Let’s face it — social distancing is hard. In order for social distancing to be successful, we all need to work together. For the time being, each of us needs to do our part to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. And the better we get at social distancing, the more likely it becomes that we can beat the coronavirus once and for all.

Ultimately, social distancing is unnatural and uncomfortable. But perhaps a big-picture view of social distancing may help you see it as a healthy activity in the short-term.

Every time you socially distance yourself from others, you’re helping to fight the spread of the coronavirus. As a result, you’re directly contributing to the fight against the coronavirus, and you’re helping to put an end to the COVID-19 pandemic.


We’ve established that social distancing may be beneficial in terms of battling the spread of the coronavirus. What we also need to do, however, is determine how you can physically and mentally protect yourself while you socially distance yourself from others during the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are a few ways to stay physically and mentally healthy and practice social distancing.

1. Get Your Groceries Delivered

Get groceries delivered during the COVID-19 pandemic. Or, many grocery stores are offering curbside pickup, so you can get your groceries brought out to your car for curbside pickup.

2. Exercise at Home

Take advantage of mobile apps that allow you to work out at home. You can also use push-ups, sit-ups, and other equipment-free exercises to stay in shape.

3. Manage Your Stress

Try yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness activities to help alleviate stress caused by the coronavirus pandemic. You can practice mindfulness activities on your own, even if you’re in a small space.

4. Clean Your Cloth Face Covering

Clean your cloth face covering regularly. You can clean and sterilize a cloth face covering by running it through a washing machine.

5. Wash Your Hands Regularly

Wash your hands as often as possible. To properly wash your hands, apply soap and water to your hands, rub your hands together with soap, and scrub your hands dry for at least 20 seconds. You should also rinse your hands under clean, running water and dry them with a clean towel or under an air dryer.

6. Wash Your Hand Towels

Keep your hand towels clean. Since you’re washing your hands frequently due to the coronavirus pandemic, you should wash your hand towels frequently as well.

7. Remove Clutter

Discard any unnecessary items from your home. This allows you to remove items that can be touched and used to transmit germs.

8. Schedule Video Chats

Make time to meet with family members and friends via video chat rather than in-person. Schedule regular video chats so you can stay connected to the important people in your life.

9. Use Teletherapy Appointments

If you need medical assistance, seek teletherapy appointments whenever possible. Of course, if you require immediate medical help, you should still call 911.

10. Enroll in Online Courses

Sign up for online courses that allow you to learn from the comfort of home. These courses make it easy to learn on your own schedule — in a virtual classroom.


We hope we can help you stay physically and mentally well during the coronavirus pandemic while you practice social distancing. At Headfarmer, we’re still here to help job seekers pursue successful careers throughout the coronavirus pandemic. If you want to learn more about how we can help you find your dream job, reach out today.


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