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Finding (and landing) your dream job is not an easy task. From navigating the seemingly endless job listings, to liaising with HR coordinators and black box online application portals, it can add up to a flurry of confusing activities and dozens of your precious hours. Here’s where an experienced recruiter comes in.


The right recruiter can help transform your job search into a fruitful enterprise. Someone with experience in the industry and a strong network can greatly increase your chances of landing a job that fits your goals and preferences. But when is the right time to reach out to one? Is a recruiter really for you? Keep reading to learn when a recruiter can benefit your career.


You Don’t Know Where to Start

If you are just beginning your journey into finding a new role, and you have no idea how to go about the process, it is a great time to reach out to a recruiter. A conversation with a professional can help you clarify what avenue you would like to pursue, and which types of specific roles would be the best fit for your personality and skills.


After you have discerned some ideal next steps for your career, the real work begins. To get up to speed, you’ll need to assemble a professional collection of application materials including your resume, cover letter, and sometimes references. Then, it’s time to choose which roles to apply to. All of this takes time and planning. A recruiter can help simplify this process by utilizing their network of available opportunities and coaching you on strategies that will maximize your application.


You’re Not Landing the Interview

Maybe you know what you would like your career trajectory to look like, and you have even begun taking steps toward it. However, it’s very common for applicants to get stuck in the stage between applying for jobs and landing an interview. If you find yourself in this position, it’s time to speak with a recruiter.


A recruitment professional will be able to evaluate your application materials and make suggestions to better solidify their impact. They can also suggest roles you might not have access to or awareness of that only exist within their professional network. Recruiters often have strong relationships with client firms and can make a powerful introduction for you.


You Want to Level Up Your Career

Finally, maybe you know how your industry works extremely well, which has led you to have an idea what exactly you are worth as a professional. If you feel your skill set is being undervalued or underutilized, it may be time to speak with a recruiter about leveling up your career. A qualified recruitment agent can help you begin a passive employment search for higher-paying opportunities you might be qualified for, without you having to resign from your current role. Applying to and interviewing for positions while gainfully employed is standard practice, and if you are seeking a fresh start or an upgrade, talking with a recruiter is a prudent first step.


Team Up With Headfarmer

If you need advice on navigating your career, the experienced staff at Headfarmer can help. As expert consultants and recruiters of finance, technology, and human resources, our established network in the Phoenix area can serve to set your career in the right direction. We take the time to get to know you, your skills, and your aspirations in order to make a true investment in your career as your trusted partner. To learn more about how Headfarmer can help your candidacy, please reach out to us at 480-214-9704 or

Headfarmer partners with American Association of Finance and Accounting (AAFA) to connect top-talent with a large network of accounting and finance professionals. Partnering with AAFA allows Headfarmer to provide a boutique, relationship-focused service at a national level.

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