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If you have ever felt overworked and underpaid, you’re not alone.

Millions of workers struggle with feeling undervalued at their jobs, but knowing how to fight your way out of this hole is often elusive. The journey of making what you’re really worth begins with finding the right role. In the current market, there are thousands of vacancies for qualified finance, accounting, human resources, and technology professionals. One of those open positions might just be the role you’ve been searching for.

In order to get the most juice out of your job search squeeze (i.e. getting the highest paying job for your skill set), you need to come armed with facts and knowledge. During the interview process, you’ll have the chance to advocate for yourself and make the case for why you’re worth the preferred salary you listed on your application. To be prepared, start by asking yourself these questions.

What Is My Position Worth in the Market?

Before you even apply for a job, you should have a strong grasp of the going rate for your role. Don’t leave this determination to guesswork: use data from sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Take stock of the median and average compensation for your role, and be sure to search for adjacent titles that command similar responsibilities. Once you’ve got a firm understanding of the national averages, you’ll be better prepared to meaningfully advocate for your pay in relation to these benchmarks. If you’re not sure where to start, work with a recruiter to help establish some baseline numbers.

What Are My Skills Worth?

Perhaps you have honed skills or acquired certifications that could add value to your application. In determining what your time and effort will be worth, take into account how these added abilities affect value. Examples of valuable skills include proficiency in coding languages, accounting software, client communication, or leadership. Every skill that sets your application apart is an arrow in your quiver. Leverage these skills to improve your worth to your prospective employer.

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What Is My Experience Worth?

Compensation is largely dependent on experience. More time in the field brings more challenges faced (and overcome), more successfully completed projects, and more industry changes under your belt. If you have been in the business for more than a couple of years, you may be worth markedly more to a potential employer than the average salary for that position. Be sure to filter by experience level where possible in your statistical research.

Furthermore, be prepared to succinctly articulate how your experiences have shaped you into a knowledgeable and valuable professional. How can your years in the industry directly benefit this company and its leaders? Working with a recruiter can help you establish clear answers to these questions.

What Are My Values Worth?

Every person holds different core principles – and the same is true for companies. What are the values that inspire your actions and your approach to work? How have these values impacted your past experiences and furthered your team’s objectives? Your commitment to doing a job the right way, no matter how long it takes, is worth something. Your servant’s heart to make your teammates’ lives easier is worth something. The principles that make you unique can add immense value to your application, so make sure they shine through.

To turn this question on its head, consider the values of your prospective employer. If their vision doesn’t align with yours, that will diminish your experience considerably. However, At firms that share your goals and values, less financial compensation may be worth it for the satisfaction of a fulfilling job.

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