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The workplace has been drastically changing right before our eyes. Employees are more vocal and demand more flexibility and understanding from their employers than ever before. With tons of jobs in the Phoenix area up for grabs but a scarcity of top talent, long-time workers are considering jumping ship to try their luck in a candidate’s market.

In the current labor scenario, employers would be wise to not only upgrade their hiring practices, but augment the experience for their existing employees. Retaining the firm’s best performers is elemental to sustainable growth as a company, as well as necessary for building a positive, lasting culture.

In order to make employees feel content and highly valued, managers need to understand them. Here are the major critiques of management employees often keep to themselves.

You Don’t Know Them

As humans, we all long to be understood on a profound level. We want to feel that our struggles are empathized with, our successes are celebrated, and our emotions are validated. One major concern today’s employees have about their company and/or supervisors is the lack of understanding these higher-ups have regarding the day-to-day running of the business.

In many cases, managers are focused on big-picture thinking and spend more time in meetings than in Excel. Some employees, especially those on the entry-level tier, feel as though their work is overlooked or misunderstood by their managers. As a business leader, take the time to recognize the actual daily job duties of your team members. This is a pivotal step in learning what occupies their time, frustrates them, and drives their success. Being able to pitch in or simply engage in a detailed discussion about workflows in their terminology will go a long way.

You Don’t Care About Them

From the outside, many corporations appear as giant machines that take on a life of their own. For the worker whose daily contributions embody just a cog in that large operation, it’s easy to fall into a downward thought spiral. They sometimes begin to wonder, “does this company view me as a real person, with dreams and ambitions, or just a number on the balance sheet? If they could replace me tomorrow to save a dollar, would they?”

These are obviously very dangerous thoughts. You want your team to feel empowered, valued, and cherished by the organization. It’s possible to cultivate a strong sense of loyalty and pride in your employees by treating them well. How? Start by examining the employee compensation package with fresh eyes. Would you be happy with the arrangement? Consider also that your competitors are constantly striving to attract top talent by sweetening their offers with stellar benefits, flexible schedules, and attractive performance incentives. If you aren’t prepared to do the same to your existing employees, they may begin to look towards greener pastures.

There’s No Path Forward

The feeling of being “stuck” is hopelessly paralyzing. Feeling as though you have no chance of upward mobility, are not qualified to re-enter the job market, and have a growing dissatisfaction in your work can justifiably lead to depressive emotional cycles. No one wants to face a dead end, so make a concerted effort to establish clear paths forward for every role in your business. The more defined and accessible these progressions are, the more likely your employees will be to stay at the firm, take ownership of their work, and perform productively.

Everyone wants to get better and advance. Make clear to each and every team member that that goal is achievable right where they are.

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