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While it can be intimidating, it’s important that you ask your potential employer the right questions during the interview process. It could help you land the job, plus, it helps avoid surprises down the road.

What Exactly Will I Be Doing?

That sounds like an extremely obvious question, but it’s an important one!

Even if the job title is similar to a position you’ve previously held, it doesn’t necessarily mean the duties and responsibilities will be the same. There might be descriptions of the job responsibilities on posting, but oftentimes those can be vague and unhelpful.

It won’t be fun going to work on the first day and realizing the job is not at all what you expected it to be. Make sure to ask what exactly your duties and responsibilities will be to avoid that first-day surprise.

What Are The Company’s Values?

It’s essential to know what a company prides itself on. The company’s core values will shape the company’s culture. That helps drive happiness at the company and how willing the employees are to give their all.

When you ask about what a company’s values are, or what the culture is like, there shouldn’t be any hesitation.

For the company, finding the candidate with the right skillset is important, but it’s equally important to find someone who fits with the company’s values. The same goes for a potential employee. The job may seem perfect, but if the company’s values don’t align with your own, it might be best to see what else is out there. 

How Is Success Defined In This Role? 

Knowing what you need to do in order to be considered successful in your new role is important. Asking what time you’re expected in the office, whether you’re expected to work after hours and what goals you’re expected to hit may seem like simple questions, but they are necessary.

When it comes time for a promotion or a bonus, make sure that both sides are on the same page.

Is There Anything On My Resume That I Can Help Explain?

If there is a red flag or a question an interviewer has about your resume, oftentimes that person will just move on and not ask about it. When it comes to narrowing candidates down, though, that flag will pop up again and it could work against you.

You can easily address this by just asking if there is anything on the resume that needs explaining. Chances are it’s something that can be explained easily.

Clearing this up early makes sure it doesn’t linger and keep you from landing your dream job.

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