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The culture of a firm is more important than many managers realize. From the candidate’s perspective, company culture is often one of the chief reasons talented individuals decide to build a career at a firm, or resign and move onward.

While culture is difficult to define, it generally relates to the tone, relationships, and dynamics that govern the workplace and workflows of a company. The good news is that your company culture can be an immensely beneficial tool that propels your business to the next level. If you are reading this blog, you are on the right path. Here are some simple steps to build and maintain a positive culture at your firm, starting today.

1. Employees Come First

Know this: the employee experience is one of the most important aspects of your business. Your people are your most important asset, and they should be treated as such. Consider how many other jobs in the Phoenix area alone your teammates could be pursuing at any given moment, and you’ll start to get the picture.

At the core of every positive company culture is the desire to optimize the employee experience. What do our employees care about, and how can we best serve them? For starters, competitive compensation and appealing benefits such as healthcare, retirement planning, family leave, and flexible work arrangements are increasingly popular with younger workers. On the workplace front, initiatives that make employees more comfortable will allow them to be more productive and enjoy their jobs more, so consider upgrading your space with high-quality seating and natural light if possible.

2. Start at the Top

Good leaders earn the respect of their followers through leading by example. If your employees see your managers prioritizing a safe and healthy culture in daily meetings, interviews, and even client calls, the effect of this emphasis will multiply.

Make it clear to all supervisors and team leaders what the expectations are for your company culture. Define your core values as a firm if you haven’t already, and brainstorm tangible ways you can incorporate those ideas into the day to day operations of your business.

3. Don’t Fall Behind the Times

Employees want to work for companies that are on the cutting edge. The hottest positions in Phoenix are ones that incorporate high quality technology into their workflows. If your firm is long-established in the industry, make sure you are not falling behind the startups in terms of your technological capabilities. Legacy systems are great if they are effective, but refusing to upgrade and modernize for the sake of resisting change will eventually breed resentment among your team. No one wants to work for the firm that is behind the times, and these firms often develop a negative culture of frustrated employees as a result.

4. Use Positive Reinforcement

The effectiveness of positive reinforcement has been proven for hundreds of years. Coach your management team to avoid negative reinforcement techniques such as demerits and public shaming, and instead practice recognition of positive performance. If you receive unsolicited client praise for the quality of a work product, be sure to congratulate the people who did the real work behind it. These employees will remember the satisfaction they have earned from a job well done and be motivated to produce more positive results.

5. Hire Intentionally

With every new team member your firm adds, your culture adjusts ever so slightly. Executive recruiters know this to be true. As you look to change your company culture for the better, don’t underestimate the impact that new hires will have in shaping the dynamic of your company.

Working with a search firm that can intentionally procure the right consultants who fit your company culture will save you headaches down the line. Hiring presents a uniquely exciting opportunity for culture change; instead of correcting existing employees, you have the chance to build a new regime from the outside in

Find the Right Talent with Headfarmer 

For more than ten years, Headfarmer has worked tirelessly to connect top-tier candidates in the Greater Phoenix area with opportunities where they can truly shine. We are not a plug-and-play search firm: our experienced team of recruiters takes a dedicated, personal approach to clients, prioritizing your success and longevity as a business. Our holistic approach to recruiting enables us to make placements that truly fit, benefiting all parties involved and cultivating a positive culture in the process. Work with a search professional at Headfarmer who knows and understands your ambitions by contacting Headfarmer today. 

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