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Take a deep breath, HR managers. You’ve been working hard throughout another challenging year, navigating the seismic shifts permeating the business world and the culture at large. Your role puts you at the center of the venn diagram of the personal and professional, which is both a daunting and fulfilling task. 

As the year winds down and you reflect on your wins, misses and the lessons you’ve learned, we would like to offer some recruiting resolutions for HR managers to drive your success in 2023. 

Open Yourself Up to New Ideas

Company culture is at the heart of the myriad responsibilities HR managers take on: from performance management and development to data and analytics. As you approach your 2023 hiring plan, examine what your culture needs. Stay open to new ideas and new connections, and learn what drives your company culture forward.

Many strong hiring initiatives (and, while we’re at it, retention initiatives) begin with promoting a healthy, mission-focused company culture. Employees value being heard and recognized in their work. As the HR manager, you can take the charge and kindle a culture that is healthy, employee-focused and attracts the best local talent. 

Start new initiatives in 2023 to promote company culture. This will help you create a hiring plan for 2023, as well as a retention plan. Your employees will show appreciation and you can even benefit from increased productivity. Opening yourself up to new ideas and initiatives is a work resolution that you will be sure to stick with. 

Make More Time For You

This HR manager recruiting resolution goes far beyond the workplace. Taking time for yourself at work is essential for effective hiring plans and practices. When productivity is constantly prioritized over health and your own wellbeing, you will experience rapid burnout. As the HR manager, your job is to promote healthy priorities and self-care among the company, and that includes for yourself!

Try incorporating a daily self-care work routine into your workday. You will quickly begin to experience a more relaxing – and productive – environment that empowers you to execute your 2023 hiring plan successfully. Plus, you will then be equipped to carry these same practices over to your home life, giving you a rounded routine of healthy priorities and self-care. 

Self-care and “you” time (even in the office) may seem counterintuitive for a recruiting resolution for HR managers. How can you expect to find the next best accounting professional in Phoenix if you have cucumbers on your eyes and your feet up? Well, we’re not saying you should have a spa day at your desk. But by making more time for yourself and prioritizing your health in 2023, then you will be able to clear your head and better understand your employees, your candidates and your company’s goals. And who doesn’t want that? 

Plus, partnering with a boutique recruiting firm near you can equip you with the knowledge and expertise you need to achieve your HR goals in the upcoming year. You do not need to work alone to be a successful business owner or HR manager.

Ask For Help!

As an HR professional, you may feel you are the one people come to for help. And oftentimes, you are. But sometimes, you need help and it is just as important that you ask for help at work, too! Make it a resolution in 2023 to ask for help more. Doing so will promote a collaborative environment throughout your organization where asking for help is normalized, and colleagues take more responsibility in their company. 

Asking for help at work is an excellent recruiting resolution for HR managers, as it enables them to gather feedback and teamwork from others who they may not normally work with. For example, if your company is looking to hire a new accountant, ask for help from the accounting department. Get to know who needs help, what they’re looking for, and what would make a great addition to the team and the company culture. 

HR managers are not alone in their job. Everyone needs help at one point or another. As we prepare for 2023, try reaching out to a colleague for help. It could be as simple as getting their opinion on something, or as complex as teaming up on a project. No matter what the case may be, asking for help can promote confidence, integrity and collaboration throughout the organization.

Fulfill Your Work Resolutions

While we often think of New Year’s Resolutions as personal goalposts for self-improvement, setting work resolutions is a great way to better promote a healthy company culture, improve productivity and achieve more in 2023. For HR professionals, hiring resolutions may look a lot like personal resolutions. That’s because building the right team and retaining your rock-star employees is centered around, well, people! 

Find and retain the right people and create a company culture that thrives. Set goals for yourself and your team, and achieve those goals with recruiting experts who know what it takes to get there. The recruiters at Headfarmer know that setting the right priorities is essential for a successful 2023 hiring plan and your company growth. Contact our recruiting team and begin your journey to a better year.

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