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Mobile apps are available that you can use to boost workplace safety. Here are eight job safety apps you need to download during National Safety Month.

National Safety Month: 8 Apps to Make Your Workplace Safer

June is National Safety Month — are you ready to celebrate? Avoid piñatas, streamers, and other party favorites for your National Safety Month celebration. Instead, provide your employees with mobile apps they can use to make your workplace safer.


Your employees understand what they need to do to keep their work environment safe. Yet, accidents and injuries can still happen. Plus, with many employees using smartphones and tablets to manage business data, there’s an increasing risk of cyber attacks that put your company’s sensitive information in danger. Even a single cyber attack can cause brand reputation damage, compliance penalties, and customer turnover, so you need to secure your data accordingly.

Mobile apps can help your employees protect themselves and your business against a wide range of workplace dangers. If you provide your employees with mobile apps that promote on-the-job safety, then you can lower the risk of accidents, injuries, and cyber attacks. Best of all, you can empower your employees to maintain a safe workplace.


Here are a few mobile apps you can offer to your employees to promote workplace safety during National Safety Month.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud storage app that enables employees to access and manage files. The app provides a smart workspace where workers can securely share files with one another.

2. DocuSign

DocuSign offers a great alternative to printing a document, signing it, scanning it, and sending it to whoever requested the signed document. With DocuSign, employees can access a document on their mobile device, use their finger to sign the document, and email it back to the sender in just seconds.

3. American Red Cross First Aid

The American Red Cross First Aid app teaches employees about life-threatening medical conditions and different types of emergencies. In doing so, the app may help your employees save lives.

4. OSHA Heat Safety Tool

OSHA provides a Heat Safety Tool app, so your employees can measure the heat index in your workplace. The app also enables workers to set up reminders to take breaks, stay hydrated, and take precautions to avoid dehydration and heat exhaustion.

5. Ergonomics

The Ergonomics app delivers a complete mobile workplace health solution. Employees can use this app to discover ways to set up safe, ergonomically optimized workspaces, perform various stretching exercises, and schedule work break reminders.

6. iAuditor

iAuditor is a daily workplace checklist app. It provides over 100,000 free checklist templates that your employees can use to conduct workplace safety inspections, gather data, and generate reports.

7. Noise Sniffer

Noise Sniffer helps your employees keep noise levels in check. The app picks up noise levels across your workplace and can tell your employees if work conditions are too loud.

8. Fatigue Predictor

Fatigue Predictor is a risk management app that helps determine if employees are in good condition to work. The app generates an Individual Fatigue Likelihood Score and provides employee fatigue assessments.


I hope these apps can help you make National Safety Month a success for your company. Keep in mind that the aforementioned apps can help you improve workplace safety, but you and your employees still need to work together to develop and maintain a safe work environment. If you prioritize workplace safety, then you and your employees can limit risk every day.

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