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Just a few decades ago, Human Resources as we know it today didn’t really exist. Managers themselves were largely responsible for hiring, resolving interpersonal issues, training their team with the necessary skills to succeed, and more. Obviously, these pursuits interfered with the ability to perform their vocational responsibilities, and firms began to hire professionals specifically for these tasks.

Now, the highest level of HR professionals often sit at the same level as the C-suite officers on the board of directors of a company. Human Resources has become a key department for nearly every sufficiently large corporation, and the duties HR professionals perform are in consistently high demand.

As a business leader, you may be experiencing this demand now. Perhaps there are certain tasks that you’d like to delegate to a more qualified professional so that you can focus more intently on the activities that hold the most value for you. Or maybe your company is expanding, and you simply need help navigating the human aspects of that growth. Regardless, it might be time to assess your HR needs and act on them. Here are our tips for doing this.

Identify the Need

The first step in solving any problem is acknowledging its existence and clearly articulating it. What exactly is the human-related need that your company is facing right now? Some common examples include:

  • You need someone to resolve workplace issues
  • You need help hiring new team members
  • The training program for your firm needs adjustment and implementation
  • New hires need a resource for their questions and learning period

Identifying what exactly your business needs will go a long way in helping you to eventually land the right HR professional. Articulate and clearly delineate your business needs – this will allow you to build an action plan.

Acknowledge the Value of an HR Professional

A common detrimental mistake managers and business leaders make is the reluctance to delegate tasks. If you are not properly staffed in the human resources department, it may be due to a belief on the part of management that they can handle HR-related tasks themselves, fitting them into their schedule around their other responsibilities.

Unfortunately, this ties up time that can’t be spent on other high-value activities such as sales, marketing, performance evaluations, and operational improvement. At the same time, it relegates HR tasks to whatever time is left over, often resulting in less than satisfactory solutions to real, personal problems.

HR professionals are highly trained in the areas of workplace issue resolution, staffing procedures, training, and other areas. Imagine if a professional with this background could take items off your plate, saving you both time and headaches, while allowing you to put more attention towards what you do best? Don’t underestimate the value of the right HR professional.

Work with a Trusted HR Recruiter

Now that you’ve identified your needs and determined that an HR professional could help alleviate these issues, how should you go about finding them?

As with HR tasks themselves, this task is also best entrusted to a professional.

The right recruiter has time-tested relationships and an expansive network of candidates and companies, allowing them to source candidates that you likely would never find if left to your own devices. The recruiters at Headfarmer do more than simply search the online job boards – they are constantly bolstering our network and conducting individualized searches that can yield the best possible results for our clients. Working with a qualified recruiter can help address your HR needs in a more timely, effective, and beneficial manner.

Find Your HR Solution with Headfarmer

The experienced team at Headfarmer can help you find the right HR professional to move your business forward. We will make a purposeful investment in your goals by getting to know your unique situation and sourcing the best candidate for your needs. We know that the right person makes all the difference to your workplace and your bottom line – we don’t take that responsibility lightly. To learn more about how Headfarmer can help your company, and to discover our network of candidates and client firms, please contact us at 480-214-9704 or

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