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Do you find yourself looking for a recruiter to help you land your next job? Here are three qualities you should be looking for:

If you are looking for a recruiter to help represent your skill set for your next job, there are certain skills and qualifications that you should be looking for. It is your career, after all. You should take it seriously and so should your recruiter. Here are three skills you should look for out of your next recruiter:


A huge aspect of any relationship between a recruiter and a client is communication. Make sure from the beginning that you’re getting what you need from the recruiter. If the recruiter says he or she will follow-up on a conversation, make note and track that. This is your future and your career. You should make sure it’s being handled by someone you can trust and someone who is communicating with you.

You want a recruiter who can talk you through the process of finding your next job, while also being honest and realistic.

The recruiter should be motivated to help you land a job because, well, it’s that person’s job to do so. Throughout the process, you should be receiving advice and information about your job search and how the market is trending.

A good relationship with your recruiter should revolve around communication. Once that is established, you’ll be able to trust that your recruiter has your best interests in mind when searching for jobs.


Communication is great, but in order to be effective, a recruiter must have a network that specializes in your role. The reason you have a recruiter is to help you land your next job. If the recruiter doesn’t have contacts in the field, you’d be better off just searching yourself.

That’s why recruiters who have a large and trusted network are so successful. A recruiter with an expanded network can open up opportunities that you might not have had otherwise. More times than not, that ends with you finding an attractive position and the recruiter will gain you as a referral, thus, the networking continues for both parties.


When you’re trying to find the right recruiter for you, make sure you’re finding one who has a history of placing candidates in long-term situations. Or, if you’re a consultant, make sure the recruiter has a successful history placing consultants at a high rate.

There are times when you can take gambles in life, but picking the wrong recruiter to help land your potential dream job is not one of those times. Make sure you’re selecting someone with a proven track record and someone who has a good reputation among clients in the industry.

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