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For a myriad of reasons, many candidates shy away from working with a recruiter when beginning their job search. Some mistakenly believe that this action step will end up costing them money and time, when in reality, it can be an effective way to save both. Executive recruiters sometimes get a bad reputation in the finance and accounting space; perhaps you’ve had a negative experience yourself. However, before deciding whether it’s worth using a recruiter this time around, make sure you have all the facts.

In addition to the obvious benefit of gaining an advocate in your job search, here are five lesser known advantages of working with a recruiter.

  • Saved Time

You can expect your recruiting partner to get right to work making introductions for you because they are incentivized to make high-quality matches in a timely manner. In many cases, this will allow you to “cut the line” of job applications that are pouring in through the online portal. Instead of spending untold hours filling out web forms with your work history on every single company website, a recruiter can help you focus your attention on the most promising leads.

  • Professional Resources

Once again, recruiters want you to succeed. Everybody wins when you land a killer finance or accounting role. Qualified executive recruiters offer a host of professional resources to increase your chances of making a positive impression. Access to resume revamp coaching, interview prep, and goal-setting exercises are just a few of the benefits of working with a recruiter. These search professionals want to place you in a position that fosters and augments your career, so they will make sure you are properly prepared to land it.

  • Expanded Network

You gain access to decades of professional contacts overnight when you choose to work with a recruiter. Recruitment professionals have made their careers by establishing meaningful relationships with top firms that often engage in multiple placements over time. You leverage the network of an entire team of job placement experts by working with a recruiter, which opens the door to conversations with tastemakers in accounting and finance almost instantaneously.

  • Exclusive Opportunities

One of the most notable benefits of working with a recruiter is access to job opportunities that haven’t yet hit the market. Recruiters are constantly canvassing their network for potential vacancies and growth opportunities and oftentimes a position can be filled by a qualified candidate before the role ever lands on a job board. Some of the highest paying jobs are landed through dedicated executive searches conducted by recruitment teams. It may be worth using a recruiter for this benefit alone.

  • No Cost

The misnomer that recruiters are expensive for candidates proves to be a major roadblock holding back the top applicants in the marketplace. Recruiters are generally compensated after the placement by the hiring firm. No cut of the candidate’s starting salary is taken out to pay the recruiter and candidates don’t pay any upfront fees for beginning the job search. Working with a recruiter is a no-brainer from a candidate’s perspective. So, what are you waiting for?

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