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If you’re thinking about becoming a consultant, there are a lot of factors that will go into your decision.

While it’s a decision you’ll have to make for yourself, there are specific reasons why people who do consulting work absolutely love it. Here three advantages of working as a consultant:


You’re your own boss. If you accept a consultant job, you’re still able to pick up another job if your schedule allows, unlike most full-time employees. The possibilities of a consultant role are nearly endless. If there’s a stretch of time when you’d like some time off to travel or relax, you can plan accordingly. Maybe in the winter, you know you’ll have a lot of time, so you add more to your plate. With a consultant role, you hold the key to work/life balance.

Every Day Is Different

Every consultant job is a new project. Unlike a typical full-time job, you won’t be doing the same tasks over and over again—unless you want to, of course.

Instead, you can pick and choose what projects you want to work on based on your skillset and passion.

Depending on the projects that you’ve been hired for, you can put together a work schedule to ensure you don’t have back-to-back “boring” days. It’s a great way to learn new things while keeping your brain sharp. You’re able to attack jobs that you know you can handle with ease, but also jobs that will challenge you. Again, that’s something that’s very rare for the typical full-time employee.

Network Opportunities

While you won’t have the comfort and familiarity of faces of a full-time job, you will have the chance to meet many people in many different industries. This opens up tons of opportunities down the road for you. The more people you connect with and impress, the brighter your future will be as a consultant.

Referrals are also a huge part of consulting and if you do good work for one client, there’s a very good chance that client will refer you to his or her network. After that, you’ll likely be in a position to turn jobs down if you need to.

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